Choose BespOak

green-oak-buildingChoosing a green oak frame, project management, supplier is a difficult desicion.

Whilst you may think we may have a very nice, informative website, with examples of our green oak frame work etc, many other green oak framing companies will have the same. Also how do you know what we are saying, or claiming is true? It is very easy to make all sorts of claims without facts, or evidence to substantiate these claims.

Equally, each new potential clients decision as to which company to choose, will be based on many different factors, ranging from price, through to speed of delivery, to expertise, quality of materials, project management etc etc.

From our point of view we understand that for many people making this decision is a very difficult thing to do, not least because for many this is clearly not a small investment. We therefore want to help you make that decision in the most convenient, and stress free way possible. To that end we offer, and indeed recommend a number of potential ways that we may help.

First we will be delighted to meet/communicate with you in a way that you feel most comfortable. Our preferred method is to meet you face to face for an informal, no obligation discussion, to more fully understand your requirements, and if required provide advice and guidance. We can equally do this over the phone, or indeed by email if you prefer.

Second, we are very happy to arrange for you to speak and/or visit existing clients and to view the work/projects we have completed. This can be done with us on an accompanied basis, or independently if you would prefer.

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