Coffee Tables and other Oak Craft

All of our coffee tables and oak craft is made in a rustic style, can be finished with oil or wax and will last for many years. Oak dries over a long period of time and with that the splits and shakes which give Oak its unique character occur.

Coffee Tables are all hand made and sizes vary, due to nature of using solid oak we do not sell specific size tables, we can of course make tables within a particular size range. Please feel free to send an email to with any enquiries.






Oak Coffee Table with crossed legs. As with all of our coffee tables the measurements can be changed according to preference, this table is around 800mm x 800mm, 400mm high, made from Solid Oak. Price on application.








Oak Coffee Table with waxed steel legs. This table was made to measure 1.7m long x 900mm at its widest point, as shown it is made from a solid slice of oak and is approximately 450mm high. Price on application.










Oak Block side tables, 400mm x 400mm x 550mm high with rounded edges and oiled finish. £200 each or £350 for a pair + VAT + delivery.








Oak ornamental rustic frames for candles, books etc as pictured. Those shown are 400mm, 500mm and 600mm high and around 300mm wide. Price on application.


Large Kitchen/Garden Table made from Douglas Fir. Price on application.